Where to Start?

Usually a projects in any kind of organisation, starts with analysing existing data, existing workflows and the existing interaction between team members.

  • Where can I find existing data?
  • How is it stored?
  • What definitions and documentation exists?
  • Who are the people that work with it today?
  • Who are the people to work with it in the future?
  • Are there other stakeholders involved?

What should be the output?

One of the most important ideas of project-management is: to keep always in mind what the output will contain, and how it will look like. This will give everybody in the team a clear guideline about the every day priorities.

What is the best approach to collect data

There is not a general answer for every project or every company. In most cases the quick answer is Excel and SQL-Databases. but is this useful also for every type of informaiton? What about pictures? Data organized in Tree-Structurs like XML or JSON? What if you want to store data within microseconds? Read more …