Let humans think and computer do the work

The classical Approach:

  • automatisation of existing Processes
  • Reporting to Clients
  • using IT to make the transport of data faster and more reliable

but is this really the way how the projects should work today? Isn’t the consumer of most data-bases another process in a computer? Let’s start to make most of the data that we produce machine-readable. A lot of data can be analysed by computers with new tools like Natrual Language Processing, NonSQL-Databases, Statistical and Machine Learning Approach. this is not only to make existing processes in enterprises more efficient, but also to create new pathes of information and create new and sometimes unexpected optimization results within the organisation.

New ways of using data

Using data to evaluate and to discover risks and opertunities in the organisation, by using BigData Analyses like SAP/BI, Microsoft PowerBI

The data created in the projekt itself is a source for information to optimize the project organisation, what are the documents most searched for? what is the link between different kind of information within the organissation. for example: how often was a Tasks updated / changed / reviewed and in what area is this tasks located. this review will bring instantly interesting information about the quality of interfaces in this area. By combining data from different parts of the STP-Chain we can measure the impact of changes in the project.

A Wish without a plan is just a wish!

lets’s make a plan how to use your data

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