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Our employees are known for their sound knowledge of the trade as well as extensive technical skill. Without limitation, our manpower and knowledge resources as well as development and service capacities can be adapted to the needs of any project.

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Mauve provides turnkey software products as well as individual solutions tailored to customer needs.

We offer a palette of products some of which are equivalent to 150 man-years in software development. Professional tools and perfectly smooth organization put us in a position to develop complete company solutions.

Our understanding of product quality includes reliable support services. To us, trust is not a catch phrase, but something basic to our customers’ everyday procedures.

Mauve Tools: Flexible Modules

Mauve tools extend reporting, evaluation, and internet publication abilities.

Recent News

21 Aug
Funds accounting extends to Pillar II Funds
the privately managed pensions system, with the subsidiary of...
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14 Mar
Tailor-made Financial reporting
for individual and institutional clients Swiss Partners
3 Dec
Further development of LMR
the limiting rule inspector tool, including automation

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