Solutions of highest quality


Banking and financial software is based on confidence. Confidence in the competence of the provider and confidence in the quality of the offered solution.

As over 20 years experience as a partner of the leading investment companies, stock exchanges and international IT companies, Mauve stands for tested and reliable solutions. We are aware of the high responsibility towards our clients. That is why our products – both software solutions and individual programs – comply with the highest quality requirements.

Our understanding of Solutions does not stop here: We know that for our clients the quality of the collaboration, the client service are as important as the quality of the products. That is why information, communication and documentation have a central place in our solutions.

MAUVE works with precise phases of program development, defined milestones and documentation. Moreover we present you our quality assurance system. This overview ends with the clear and systematical rules of the communication with the clients.

Only the quality of communication ensures the quality of the whole project. This is valid for the ending of each project, but also for the beginning of each collaboration.

Requirements – At the beginning of each project the client presents or is asked for the requirements to the software solution. What should the respective program achieve? What targets are connected with the development of a special application?

In phase 1, the creation of the requirements, these targets are analyzed and defined. This phase consists of three detailed steps: the collection of inputs, the course of the necessary activities and finally the completion of the output predefined for each phase.

Inputs – Development plan, Analysis protocols, Existing applications

The naming of a project leader. Together with our consultants a first rough determination of targets and project steps is made. This is the “development plan”, that, beside the first discussions protocols and the inventory of the applications already existing at the clients, contains the most important information for the Requirements document.

Activities – Requirements establishment and Analysis of the existing applications

The project leader establishes the requirements to the software solution. He must define clearly the performance of the program and the criteria for user friendliness. All necessary specifications are taken into account. Also it is checked how the applications already used by the client can be integrated in the new solution.

Outputs – Requirements document

In this phase it is analyzed what data and facts must be gathered and evaluated, what are the exact processing steps and what processes must be defined for that. All this implies of course an intense cooperation with the client. After all there should be:

  • “Analysis” document
  • “Open points” document
  • “Development plan” (revised)

What purpose do these three documents have? The “Analysis” document contains information about the way the requirements should be transposed in the project. The “Open points” document contains questions resulting from processing the financial data. This implies the existence of “Answers” documents on the part of the client. These outputs get into the already existing development plan, whose revision takes place at the end of the analysis phase.


Financial director announcing data

Software development tendencies

“Professional and future-proof quality solutions ”

Our solutions include the whole life cycle of the software development – from the requirements analysis over modelling and testing up to requirements management, i.e. the processing of new requirements.

The continuous work on improving our products and the consideration of new requirements prove that the development process for our solutions is permanently optimized.

We use trend-setting software development methods such as UML (Unified Modeling Language), a new definition language with an enormous performance. UML offers in case of complex projects an important simplification of the system design by giving the programmer systematic standards. The client requirements, the development plan, the open points documents are already input in this system and then processed by the development teams. Thus a higher efficiency is achieved.




After the glimpse of development phases of a software project, we would like to show you by means of what methods we guarantee the high quality of the communication to the client. We refer to the exact guidelines for the information exchange e.g. via e-mail. Because only the quality of communication assures the quality of the whole project.

Each project must correspond to the highest quality standards. From the beginning of a project up to the delivery of the software our specialists check each aspect of the program according to ISO9000.

Irrespective of the beginning status all the Mauve solutions are characterized by precision, rapidness and reliability. These characteristics are based on a company policy, that provides for each development level of its products a complete quality assurance.

To work with a Mauve solution means to work with quality software.

An in-house tool is used for the administration of feedbacks that come during the development of an application.

The purpose of this system is to register, trace and process the feedback that results from the test, use or maintenance of the application. From this inputs comes the final project version corresponding to the requirements.





Financial software is a “sensitive” product, for which the quality is of highest importance – quality of the analysis, of the developed solution, of the development processes organization, of communication and documentation. Only the combination of these factors means real service quality.

We for you

“Our software for your success”

The development of quality software follows clear, logic rules. In this brochure we have presented you the most important phases of this development: from the “Requirements”, up to programming, quality control and communication.

In each phase of the project our target is to help our clients get effectiveness and success. Or to put it simplier: We want to make your business easier.

All we need from our client are his priorities and – in a certain phase of the program development – answers to “open points”. As specialists in finance and banking software, we take care of all the rest.

Each project begins with information. As information creates confidence and positive identification. This is the fundament, on which we base our solutions. We are happy to be your partner!