Tif – Internet Facilities

Tif – Internet Facilities

TIF is the software tool for the automatic and now dynamic funds data publishing on the Internet.

TIF provides your website with up-to-date fund information. Designed to respect exactly your Corporate Identity within different report formats, the application delivers automatically and daily coloured web tables and charts filled with the approved funds data such as investment policy, risk management, portfolio information etc. into the Web.

Password access gives you the possibility to provide different information depending on the agreed level towards your clients. Furthermore all funds data displayed by TIF can be downloaded in Excel or Ascii format for other evaluations or internal reporting (i.e. for institutional investors).

TIF 2.0 is now a web application with a three-tier architecture, basing on a flexible data warehouse technology. This brings two important advantages: on the one hand the availability of historic data and on the other hand the interactivity, i.e. the internet user visiting your website has the possibility to see the information he needs and to organize it in different charts (e.g. historic performance).

Moreover the user can log in with user name and password and create his own “fund information portal” which contains the desired information to “his” funds.